Taking the Final Turn Toward The ARCH 1s
Official Release:

The long-anticipated ARCH 1s is currently in the final testing stages and the first customer pre-orders will start production soon.

ARCH Motorcycle’s official second offering, the 1s represents a new evolution in the motorcycle world, defying industry categories by mixing an aggressive riding position with ARCH’s one-of-a-kind cruiser performance formula.

“The 1s is more like our Sport Cruiser, blending the comfort of a cruiser with the performance characteristics of a sport bike,” says Gard Hollinger, ARCH Motorcycle co-founder.

Since the 1s concept’s first reveal, we’ve worked incredibly hard to design, develop, test, refine, and repeat over and over until delivering what we believe is a perfect cross between elegance and racing-inspired performance. A painstaking labor of love, the ARCH 1s is a testament to ARCH’s industry-leading design and build team led by co-founders Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves.

Design with Gard

The 1s will arrive as ARCH’s first production single-sided swingarm motorcycle, alongside the debut of new mid-controls for more aggressive riding position and handling. Central to the 1s is its 124ci, high-torque ARCH/S&S V-twin downdraft fuel injected engine, complemented by an ARCH designed exhaust system, and a carbon fiber fuel cell integrating the air intake and filtration system.

ARCH’s tradition of a truly tailored approach also remains for the new 1s model. We take pride in meeting directly with all of our owners to ensure each individual bike’s aesthetics and ergonomics are as bespoke as possible. In short, it’s all in ARCH’s attention to the details, which is made possible by aluminum bodywork and carbon fiber that allow for distinctive architecture, style, livery, and finishes.

The ARCH 1s is scheduled for release soon in 2021. For those in high anticipation, we invite you to take advantage of  1s pre-orders that are open now

ARCH Motorcycle would like to thank its owners and fans for all of the support over the years. There’s certainly much more to come in the days and weeks ahead, so please stay tuned!

-The ARCH Motorcycle Team